About Us

Proliferator Advisory & Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that enables organisations to become customer-centric and efficient. We create value by improving customer experience, and enhancing business efficiency. We follow a structured holistic approach that delivers breakthrough performance and ensures sustainable improvement. What we bring to the table is deep subject matter expertise and proven ability to drive change. All our consulting leaders have spent more than two decades in industry and are well recognized name in what they do.

Meaning of “Proliferator”

The term “proliferator” emanates from word “proliferate” which means to multiply rapifly. And “proliferators” are agents that make this change possible.
So as Proliferator Advisory & Consulting we act as agents of change who help to multiply the performance of an enterprise.


Our Vision

To be a globally recognised provider of advisory services for Customer-Centricity


Our Mission

To enable organizations to become customer-centric and efficient and create lasting value.


The Proliferator Difference

What differentiates Proliferator from other consulting firms is that we not only solve the problem at hand but also focus is to leave back something of lasting value in the client organization.