Debashis Sarkar

Debashis Sarkar (Deb to his friends) is the founder of Proliferator Advisory & Consulting. He is an award-winning author, management consultant, educator and keynote speaker. He is an internationally recognized name in Lean Management & Customer-Centricity.

Over the last decade and half, he has been involved in developing leading-edge thinking on how to make organisations efficient and customer centric. His ideas have been adopted by corporates globally and can be found in the 8 books and more than 70 papers/articles authored by him.. He has helped businesses to increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer experience.

A highly sought after speaker he is regularly invited around the world to conferences and leadership workshops.

He was awarded Philip Crosby Medal in 2014 and elected a Fellow of American Society of Quality in 2013. He writes for Huffington Post.


To know more about Debashis, visit his website :

You can also find him at  @DebashisSarkar